Kingman and Pyrite Knuckleduster

Kingman and Pyrite Knuckleduster

Giant hunk of Kingman turquoise, just the most lusciuos perfect blue green shade paired with an out of this world raw pyrite from peru. Both set in an open face ring style, made to be noticed. Heavy gauge ring band. Make a statement, one that says you're a badass that likes cool shit.  


Measures a 7.5 but fits larger like 8-8.5 beacuse of the open face style. I can adjust the size on the ring a size or two larger. 


Kingman turquoise is 1.25" tall and 1" wide. Pyrite is 1.25" tall and 7/8" wide. The whole ring is a tad over 2" wide.


Genuine pyrite and Kingman turquoise. Fine and sterling silver construction. Marked 925.