Peruvian Pyrite and Bao Canyon Knuckleduster

Peruvian Pyrite and Bao Canyon Knuckleduster

"She's like a rainbow..."


Rainbow Bao Canyon turquoise with all the colors in it from red to blue! Paired with a raw pyrite chunk from Peru. Set in an open face style ring. A perfect combination. Heavy gauge ring band. A statement maker for sure. 


Measures a 7.5 but fits larger like 8-8.5 beacuse of the open face style. I can adjust the size on the ring a size or two larger. 


Pyrite measures 1.25" tall 7/8" wide. Turquoise measures 1 1/8" tall 3/4" wide. The whole ring is over 1.5" wide. 


Genuine pyrite and Bao Canyon turquoise. Fine and sterling silver construction. Marked 925.


    Oklahoma City, OK

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