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Kelsie Gruver - Beaver Street Goods

I asked my friends to describe me in the three words and these were some of what they said; feisty, blunt, straightforward, caring, helpful, generous, funny, hilarious, colorful, intelligent and lastly, "If fuck was an adjective I would use that."


I grew up with a magpie complex, rifling thru my grandma’s jewelry boxes and collecting rocks. 

And while I’ve always been obsessed with jewelry and gems and rocks, it was only a few short years ago that it occurred to me that I could make jewelry! I began scouring the internet for anything and everything I could find on jewelry making. I watched thousands of hours of YouTube videos, followed makers on Instagram and screenshotted their bookshelves. Finally, I  signed up for jewelry/metalsmithing classes at the state university in town! Our first class we sawed a squiggly line thru a 2” x 2” piece of copper. I think I snapped a dozen saw blades and I almost cried I was so happy! I honed my skills with the help of my professor for two semesters and at home in my studio that my amazing husband and craigslist help furnish.

I’m married to a wonderful man who supports all my hair-brained ideas and schemes. He’s retired from the US Air Force after 20 years of service (lucky bastard). We’ve been together since 2007, we have no kids, one dog, three cats and we very much enjoy our weekends sleeping in and drinking beer 🍻 We do like to kayak around lakes, shoot guns, and eat our way around OKC! Last year, I spent a week Tennessee at an AMAZING jewelry school, learning new stone setting skills. 2023 is the year I plan to learn lapidary, and cut all my own stones in house! 

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